Katherine Hollander has been Poetry Editor at Consequence Forum since January, 2021, and Reviews Editor since August, 2021. She has also recently joined the editorial board of Waywiser Press. From 2019 to 2021, she was a reader for Sugar House Review.

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Collaborative Editorial Projects

New Collections of Poetry in the Time of Coronavirus,” series of interviews, with Dora Malech for Tupelo Quarterly


Dora and I conceived of a series of branching interviews with poets who had published new books just as the pandemic hit the United States. We began by interviewing each other about our new books, then each interviewed several other poets, who each interviewed a couple more in turn. Poets include Ellen Bass, David Blair, Stephanie Burt, Joseph Harrison, Amaud Jamaul Johnson, Denusha Laméris, Ricardo Alberto Moldanado, John Murillo, and others.

“DMZ,” by Elaine Johanson, with Sam Reichman, for Consequence Forum


Sam and I worked with the poet and artist Elaine Johanson as she developed her powerful poem, “DMZ” into a multimedia video with accompanying commentary video.

“Celebration of David Ferry’s Aeneid,” with Peter Brown for Consequence Forum


As part of an ongoing series, “What is War Poetry,” Peter and I worked with translator and David Ferry to celebrate his translation of Book 11 from the Aeneid, joining with other poets, scholars, and translators to create eight short video or audio recordings that shed light on this extraordinary moment in the epic poem.